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    Traditional AGA Cooker owners regularly express their love and devotion for their AGA! It is no doubt the AGA's radiant heat, constant warmth and dependability is a welcoming addition to their home. But what do you do if your AGA requires shutting off during the warmer months or when less cooking is required? Ever wish you could operate the hotplates separate from the ovens? The generation of AGA cast iron ranges give versatility without sacrificing a long standing heritage of quality craftsmanship. The Electric AGA Dual Control range offers cast iron radiant heat and now has the ability to turn the ovens off all the while enjoying the use of your hotplates. Even better, each hotplate operates independently or simultaneously with a simple turn of a dial.

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    Hotplates are at different heats; the boiling plate being the hottest of the two and the simmering plate is a lower heat. Each plate is individually controlled.

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    Fuel Type Electric
    Style Slide-in
    Manufacturer Color Pearl Ashes
    Color Grey
    Elements Hot Plates
    Burners/Elements 2
    Burners/Elements Output • Boiling Hotplate (626°f)
    • Simmering Hotplate (392°f)
    Burner/Element Size Two 14 1/2" Diameter Cast Iron Hotplates
    Number of Ovens Triple
    Clock No
    Convection No
    Digital Temperature Control Yes
    Downdraft Ventilation No
    Self-Cleaning No
    Additional Information • Cast Iron Radiant Heat Cooking Throughout Each Oven And Both Hotplates Providing 10 Cooking Methods In One Range
    • Three Cooking Modes – Off, Slumber Or On
    • Three Large Capacity Multi-Function Cast Iron Ovens – Roasting oven (approx. 425°F-475°F), Baking oven (approx. 325°F-375°F) and Slow Cook oven (approx. 212°F-245°F)
    • The Ovens Are Heated By A Single Heat Source Giving Gradual Radiant Heat To Bring Solid Cast Iron To Temperature
    • Ovens Will Heat To Full Temperature In 8 Hours From Cold Or 4 Hours From Slumber And Operate Simultaneously
    • Bullet Hotplates Take Under 11 Minutes To Reach Full Temperature
    • Hotplates Operate Independent From The Ovens And Separate From Each Other
    Baking No
    Warming Drawer No
    Storage No
    Broiler No
    Information 240
    Width Class 40"
    Width 38.87 inch(es) / 98.74 cm
    Height 35.87 inch(es) / 91.12 cm
    Depth (Without Handles) 27.5 inch(es) / 69.85 cm
    Additional Dimensions • Roasting Oven : 9 5/8"H x 13 5/8"W x 18 3/4"D
    • Baking Oven 9 : 5/8"H x 13 5/8"W x 18 3/4"D
    • Slow Cook Oven : 9 5/8"H x 13 5/8"W x 18 3/4"D
    • Boiling Plate : 14 1/2" Dia
    • Simmering Plate : 14 1/2" Diameter
    • Control Panel : 9 5/8"H x 13 5/8"W
    Net 816 lb(s) / 370.13 kg
    Shipping 1135.01 lb(s) / 514.83 kg
    Warranty • 5 Year Limited Warranty
    • 1 Year Labor
    UPC# 768388067557

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