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    AEG Chef's design gourmet griddle & grill pan with grill press. Mindful of living healthy; the grill pan features deep groves to channel fats and grease away from food.

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    Color Black
    Material Aluminum
    Pieces 3
    Additional Information • Constructed for lasted durability and versatility
    • Mindful of living healthy, the grill pan features deep grooves to channel fats and grease away from food
    • Each side of the pan has a drain lip allowing excess grease and fats to be poured off easily
    • Heavy grill press for making Panini’s
    • The stainless steel base on the bottom of the cast aluminum provides excellent heat distribution
    • 12" x 12" premium non-stick cooking area
    • Suitable for all heat sources – induction, electric, ceramic, gas
    Induction Capatible Yes

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