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    MD8T - Ventilation Accessories

    Broan's Automatic Make-up Air Dampers provide interlocked damper operation so outside air is only allowed to enter the house when a connected fan or hood is operating.

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    Information • Efficient and Economical Make-Up Air Solution
    • Saves Energy and Money
    • Easy to install
    • Optimizes tightly built, energy efficient homes.
    • Make-Up Air Only When Needed.
    • Synchronized to only open during Fan or Range Hood operation.
    • Interlocked make-up air systems avoid wasted energy associated with barometric solutions and do not let unwanted air into the home during heating or cooling activities so air pressure is equalized for a well-balanced environment.
    • Improves ventilation efficacy by providing fresh air from a known location to replace exhausted air.
    • Dampers can be “ganged” for high-volume applications.
    Compatibility Range Hoods: • Broan Elite E60000;
    • Broan Elite E64000;
    • QP3;
    • EW58;
    • EI59
    UPC# 26715192045

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