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    Color Stainless Steel
    Additional Information • Thermal base allows optimal heat distribution on all types of heat sources, reducing energy consumption and cooking time;
    • Ergonomic handles offer a high degree of heat resistance
    • Pot lids are designed to hold in the natural goodness of the food while cooking, improving the taste and retaining the nutritional value
    • Pots and pan can be used in your oven at temperatures less than 230oC
    • The AEG Cookware set includes 9 pieces, as follows: 22cm Deep Casserole pot with lid - 3.8 litre, 22cm Shallow Casserole pot no lid - 2.2 litre, 14cm Saucepan with lid - 0.9 litre, 20cm Stewing pot with lid - 5 litre, 18cm Saucepan with lid - 2.1 litre
    Dishwasher Safe Yes
    Induction Capatible Yes

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